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Authors: Keith Graves

Chicken Big

Chicken BIG


Keith Graves

On a teeny little farm,

in an itty-bitty coop,

a very small hen laid a big, humongous egg.

The egg began to shake.

The egg began to quake.

Out popped a big, humongous chick.

"What is it?" crowed the little rooster.

“It’s big!” clucked the small chicken.

“It’s enormous!” clucked the smaller chicken.

“It’s an elephant!” peeped the smallest chicken.

(She was not the sharpest beak in the flock.)

“He’s too big to stay in our itty-bitty coop,” crowed the little rooster.

“Much, much too big,” clucked the small chicken.

“He’ll break the floor!” clucked the smaller chicken.

Indoor elephants are dangerous! squawked the smallest chicken.

“I don’t feel like an elephant,” thought the big chick.

The next day, an acorn fell and conked the smallest chicken on the head.

“The sky is falling!” she peeped.

“Run for your lives!”

So, the chickens ran for their lives.

“Don’t worry,” said the big, humongous chick. It’s only an acorn. They’re actually quite tasty.”

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